24 hour stock currency trading job

(Yes, thats billion with a B.) Later on, some really rich guys were able to join in the Forex trading game when the minimum trading size shrank to US1 million per lot (obviously still too much for the normal investors on Main Street). There is a big overlap here because the U.S. Session cranks up around 8 a.m. EST. So there is a good four hours where the London session and U.S. Sessions are both in full swing. These big-time traders produce so much volume that it has become the worlds biggest market. But this market really opened up to the retail trader around 1995 (even though most traders have only learned of this market since about 2002). EST on Sunday. First youll see New Zealand traders placing their bets, then Australian traders join the action shortly after. The trading doesnt really pick up speed until the Asian traders join the market several hours later.

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