Androidzoom binary options app for android

There are 2 versions, one for cupcake/donut, one for eclair/froyo. Pick the one appropriate for your firmware and flash via recovery mode. Su-cd-signed. Zip md5: e1abb445d770075f49edc8810aa80758 - Cupcake/Donut su-ef-signed. Zip md5: 6d490575092a1c5d91af56b94c2328f4 - Eclair/Froyo Or download from the market: If install from the market fails, use adb to issue these commands: Code: adb remount adb. Open a terminal CtrlAltT and give this command: do-release-upgrade -c, this command will check if the new version is available from the servers and will return the result. If you find this command is not available, you need to install the update-manager-core package. Apk adb shell pm uninstall or from terminal: Code: su # (remount for your phone, Nexus One is 'mount -o remount, rw /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system other phones will use the same pattern, but may vary on the dev.' bit) # rm /system/app/Superuser.

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