How to get a stock etrade futures broker

In addition, the adviser can help you navigate the system as you get ready to sell your stocks. Step 3, open the trading and portfolios tab on the eTrade site. Choose the stock that you wish to sell and click on "trade" from the list of options available. If you have general questions, you can use the live chat feature. If you have account-specific questions, it will be best to call a representative. They are available 24 hours a day Monday through Friday. It uses charts and graphs to display your account's progress and current activity. You can choose which windows you want to view based on what data is most important to you. It has additional features, such as in-depth trading and analysis tools, streaming market data and live cnbc, as well as a number of charts and extended trading hours. Mobile trading is available on iPhone, Android devices, tablets and the Windows phone. Items you will need, step 1. Research the stocks you are thinking about selling. It is easy to get caught up in a panic when you see Wall Street plummet on a given day; however, decisions based in panic are not always the best decisions.

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