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Dragonfly Capital. Ive seen Greg Harmon speak a number of times at industry and investment events and its no wonder that Wiley Sons, one of the most respected publishers in the financial category, chose him to write this book. His ability to take complex investing topics like this one and break them down in to digestible and understandable pieces is second to none. He has also pulled off the impressive feat of writing a book about options trading that will even appeal, and be of value, to those who have never traded an option. Consequently, the first two, "Identifying and Understanding the Trend" and "Technical Analysis for Individual Stocks provide valuable information even for those who just invest in equities. In "Identifying and Understanding the Trend" Harmon explains in great detail the top down process he uses to find the major trend in the market. That conclusion would be incorrect. In fact, Harmon, who is a. Wall Street veteranand a Certified Financial Analyst, wrote the book in four separate sections, each of which is designed to stand on its own. The second section of the book deals with how to use technical analysis to develop a watchlist of stocks and to formulate an initial plan to trade them. Its in this section that Harmons plainspoken and straightforward approach really pays off for the reader, as he is able to take a subject that is often.

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